Technical service

We provide advanced environmental technology equipment and environmental protection materials and pharmaceuticals evaluation, environmental engineering design consulting and engineering construction, environmental protection facility operation effect, operation maintenance and evaluation, environmental safety assessment, ecological efficiency evaluation service, cleaner production review, environmentally friendly product evaluation and information statement, environmental service quality evaluation. Environmental investment and financing and risk assessment, environmental investigation and talent training, noise pollution detection and treatment services, natural ecological detection and protection services, etc..

With the business philosophy of innovation and pragmatism and people-oriented, the company constantly introduces the latest high-tech products, management systems and high-quality teams to create excellent products and value-added services for customers. At the same time, we implement all-round quality management measures. This not only covers the product area, but also involves the continuous improvement of our organisational structure and workflow. We fully and systematically strengthen and improve employees' practical and theoretical education and training, and constantly monitor our workflow to ensure that we deliver flawless solutions and services to customers.