VOC online measurement system

The increasingly serious VOCs pollution not only affects the ambient air quality, but also causes direct harm to human health. Based on the environmental protection regulations of VOCs monitoring in China, relying on the system design ability and project management ability for many years, cliner has constructed the overall solution of VOC online monitoring system to meet the domestic environmental protection requirements.

The scheme can improve the ability of accurate positioning of pollution sources in each region, and quickly and intuitively analyze the relevant information around the pollution sources. By integrating all kinds of geographic information resources and environmental protection business resources, a unified environmental information resource database is established, which seamlessly connects spatial data with dynamic monitoring data, dynamic supervision data, policy and regulation data and other business data. To provide managers with intuitive, efficient and convenient management means, improve the management ability of environmental protection business and the decision-making ability of comprehensive management and analysis. At the same time, according to the different business applications, the horizontal level of data is divided. Through the different levels of application personnel, the data is divided vertically to clarify the context of information and facilitate the management of data.

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The appearance of the above instruments is yellow except for the combustible gas detector with black shell (as shown in the figure).

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Collect flue gas parameter data, collect all gas concentration information and working status information, generate reports, store data, record historical data,

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