Continuous Emission Monitoring System

The government and enterprises are making unremitting efforts to alleviate the energy and environmental pressure on the planet that is of increasing concern to mankind. We continuously improve the energy efficiency of combustion production through scientific methods, while controlling the emission of combustion to protect our environment.

Government agencies at all levels, such as energy conservation monitoring and environmental protection monitoring stations, boilers and power enterprises, etc., have obtained scientific data through the measurement and monitoring of the combustion process. They shall improve energy efficiency and reduce emission pollution in accordance with laws, regulations, rules and standards for the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as technical improvement and adjustment within factories.

We provide high-quality monitoring and analysis instruments to assist users in accurately measuring and comparing flue gas parameters, so that users can obtain rapid on-site monitoring results and improve work efficiency. High-tech portable infrared flue gas analyser is very satisfied with the latest environmental protection and energy-saving measurement requirements. It has measured various technical indicators such as CO, NO, NO2, N2O, NOx, SO2, CH4, CO2, etc., which is lightweight and easy to operate and has been recognised by users in various industries.

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The appearance of the above instruments is yellow except for the combustible gas detector with black shell (as shown in the figure).

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Collect flue gas parameter data, collect all gas concentration information and working status information, generate reports, store data, record historical data,

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