Air quality grid online system

In view of the difference of main pollutants in different regions and the cross status of various formats, the scheme adopts the method of adjusting measures to local conditions, reasonably integrates the detection instruments, and forms the actual demand of micro meteorological distribution. At the same time, it has a unified supervision platform, which can monitor the whole grid monitoring system macroscopically, manage the similar distribution points in groups, realize comprehensive and flexible analysis and statistics, and greatly save the supervision human resources. The targeted standard meteorological distribution greatly reduces the travel time of the relevant tax collection and supervision departments, increases the supervision strength, and is conducive to the control of emission standards, strict environmental law enforcement and supervision and accountability. In addition, the grid meteorological data can be used in multiple dimensions. The bottom layer is connected with the weather forecast system, and the meteorological monitoring equipment can provide real-time meteorological data for the masses of people in a timely manner, facilitate travel and other activities, make full use of resources, and make it convenient for the people. It also realizes the openness, transparency and practicability of environmental monitoring. Finally, it realizes the unified management of resources, improves the management efficiency, and brings the maximum benefit for the system investment.

Grid monitoring equipment is an unattended environmental monitoring system which integrates data acquisition, storage, transmission and management. The air quality and environment monitoring system adopts the method of unit grid distribution management, and establishes a regional grid monitoring platform of "horizontal to edge, vertical to the bottom" according to the concept of "grid, grid and person", applies and integrates a number of intelligent environmental protection technologies, and adopts flexible setting points according to local conditions on the basis of comprehensive grasp and analysis of pollution source emission and meteorological factors Method to deploy. According to the environmental conditions and pollution situation of each monitoring point, the overall emission situation in the region can be analyzed and inferred. In addition, it integrates, shares and develops advanced technologies such as Internet of things, intelligent collection system, geographic information system, dynamic chart system, etc., and establishes a comprehensive, refined, information-based and intelligent regional environment online monitoring platform to realize unorganized control of pollution sources Comprehensive management of emission and air pollution reduction provides reliable data information and scientific auxiliary management decision-making for energy conservation and emission reduction scheme.

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The appearance of the above instruments is yellow except for the combustible gas detector with black shell (as shown in the figure).

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Collect flue gas parameter data, collect all gas concentration information and working status information, generate reports, store data, record historical data,

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