Scholar the virtuous circle of blue sky defense war needs the collaborative governance of PM2.5 and ozone


Because of the heavy task of the "blue sky defense war" in Zhengzhou, it should be said that we have seen obvious progress and effects when we see the clear autumn air in Zhengzhou He Kebin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of the school of environment of Tsinghua University, said at the 2020 annual meeting of the ecological civilization education research branch of the Chinese society of higher education on 19 May, the "blue sky defense war" needs a virtuous cycle, and at present it needs the collaborative governance of PM2.5 and ozone

On the same day, the 2020 annual meeting of ecological civilization education research branch of China Association of higher education was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The annual meeting was sponsored by the research branch of ecological civilization education of China Association of higher education and Zhengzhou University. The theme of the conference was "ecological civilization construction and regional innovation and development". More than 150 experts and scholars from all over the country attended the meeting.

During the meeting, experts and scholars focused on the theme of the conference, respectively on "thinking and suggestions on Ecological Civilization Education in the 14th five year plan" and "ecological civilization construction and comprehensive green transformation" under the new background, and put forward the frontier status and exploration direction of ecological civilization construction in China in terms of ideology, theory, practice and mode, which fully mobilized the participants Explore enthusiasm.

He Kebin pointed out in his report "a new journey of ecological civilization construction: blue sky defense under carbon neutral target". He Kebin pointed out that the content of ecological civilization construction is very rich. People now like to use "blue sky defense war" when talking about air pollution control. However, in the "blue sky defense war", ozone pollution has begun to take off.

"Why did I mention Zhengzhou? Because the pressure in Zhengzhou is very high, but in the heating period, this effect can still appear, which proves that the basic emission reduction has certain effect, but the concentration of ozone is rising continuously He Kebin said. "A lot of people ask why ozone is rising? From the perspective of emission reduction, it is the proportion of NOx and VOC synergy, which is relatively difficult in terms of technology and supervision, so it will lead to such a situation. At present, more and more blue sky can be seen, mainly due to the reduction of sulfur dioxide and PM2.5, but the reduction of nitrogen oxides is slow, and the reduction of volatile organic compounds is too small. "

Therefore, the "blue sky defense war" needs the collaborative governance of PM2.5 and ozone, that is, the coordination of atmospheric environment and climate management. "If this is achieved, the" blue sky defense war "will embark on a virtuous cycle of development

In addition, the meeting summarized the latest research results in the field of ecological civilization construction in China, discussed many innovative exploration paths, strengthened the influence of ecological civilization construction at home and abroad, and effectively promoted the exchange and cooperation between Chinese higher education institutions.

"I think for different social individuals, ecological civilization has penetrated into everyone's heart, and we all have the responsibility to build a beautiful China." Niu Wentao, an associate professor at Zhengzhou University's School of tourism management, said.

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